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  • Cashew nuts. Go or No ?

    1st Feb 2020 by

    The Cashew. The caju. or if you wanna get sci-ency with it the Anacardium occidentale. no matter which name you know it by the delicious nut is an absolute delicacy both locally or internationally but is this crescent shaped nut more than a Delicious snack? The cashew nut is native to northeastern Brazil where it… Read more

  • Nuts and weight loss.

    17th Dec 2019 by

    Nuts are healthy, very health, they contain the “good” saturated fats and are very filling,too filling if you’re not careful!, but if you are trying to lose weight you should know that they are pretty high-calorie foods and as you know, weight is lost by burning calories (Approx. 3,500 calories to burn a pound). Nuts,… Read more

  • Are Eggs good for you?

    8th Dec 2019 by

    Yes, eggs are good for you. They areĀ A REAL SUPER-FOOD. in short,Eggs are high in sulfur and magnesium both essential for day to day cell repair and maintenance as well as good for helping you lose weight whilst exercising. Any cholesterol increase from eggs will be neutralized by the (choline anyway). The recent studies on… Read more

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