Crash dieting.

Crash Diets are diets by which people try to lose weight rapidly in a short span of time. Although, this type of diet is not normally recommended by dietitians.

By following a crash diet, you drastically reduce weight by cutting the amount of calories the consume. People most commonly perform this kind of diet to lose weight for special, upcoming occasions like weddings, engagement parties and etc.

By performing a crash diet, one may gain weight as easily as they lose weight. Crash diets can cause yo to have symptoms of nausea, headaches or even, in severe situations, hallucinations. if not followed properly, as you are depriving your body of essential nutrients and minerals . But if followed properly, crash diets can be very effective. If your goal is for short term weight loss, crash diets can be considered as an option.

Most people are successful with short term and long term diets. But just remember that crash diets put your body in a state of unnecessary stress. In my personal opinion, a proper dietitian should be consulted before even considering to start a crash diet.

Here are some precautions you should consider while following a crash diet:

  • Cutting calories drastically over a long period of time may result in loss of essential nutrients and it may lead to malnutrition
  • People following a crash diet often have less energy levels than other individuals, as the nutrients needed for energy are not consumed during this period of time
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that, weight will be gained after the completion of crash diet, as you will be back on track consuming calories

After completion of this kind of diet, you should maintain a healthy balanced diet for preventing illness. A proper dietitian can be consulted for the same.

Published by Freeweight life

Throughout my entire life I struggled immensely with my weight some years i would be just about average sized enough to feel somewhat confident to be seen without a thick jumper on to hide my true size but most of the time,almost my whole life, i would be ashamed to even be seen in public but after deciding to start exercising and changing my eating habits I started to lose weight and after keeping up with my weekly exercises that take a virtually minuscule amount of time to complete, my weight problems are just problems of my past.

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