Is Butter Bad for your health?

I don’t believe butter is bad for you, particularly if it comes from grass-fed cows. Further more, it is absolutely delicious.

Butter got a bad rap many years ago because it contains saturated fats, and these are associated with heart disease. More recent research has shown that grass-fed butter in particular contains many “good” fats and also essential nutrients (particularly Vitamin K2). Butter is certainly better than margarine, which contains trans fats, the most harmful kind.

That being said, butter is not necessarily a “health food.” It IS mostly fat, and fat has a lot of calories per gram. so you must be sure to enjoy butter in moderation.

Butter also contains fat soluble vitamins like A,E,&D. It contains healthy saturated fats from diary milk, healthy for all ages, especially growing kids. Worrying about high blood cholesterol in your blood and risk of heart attacks is a thing of the past with saturated fats. Coconut oil shown as a devil is an angel today. Butter unlike margarine is not a trans fat, man-made plastic fat. So don’t worry, just spread your butter on your toast with no guilt. Butter has a short chain fatty acid called ‘butyrate. The same fatty acids are made by your large gut microbes to protect the gut-lining from chronic diseases, including cancer. Butter is also rich in conjoint linoleic acid, an anti-inflammatory fatty acid beneficial to our body tissues.

However Butter is fattening, so consume sparingly.

So,in conclusion, a daily spread of butter on your toast, and making your omelette with a cube of butter on the hot pan is quite healthy. Remember to exercise daily to make it work better.

stay strong and comment!

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Throughout my entire life I struggled immensely with my weight some years i would be just about average sized enough to feel somewhat confident to be seen without a thick jumper on to hide my true size but most of the time,almost my whole life, i would be ashamed to even be seen in public but after deciding to start exercising and changing my eating habits I started to lose weight and after keeping up with my weekly exercises that take a virtually minuscule amount of time to complete, my weight problems are just problems of my past.

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