My more frequent readers will notice that this post is a, how should i put it?…shh yes , a non-negotiable topic.

To put it simply, overtraining happens when we do not allow the muscles,in our hopeully hard working bodies, sufficient time to rest, recover and grow, repeated over and over again. If we allow even just a small windodw of rest, lets say about 48 to 72 hours, between working a specific body part, then the chances of overtraining will be pretty low. The occasional day off, works wonders as well. Not hitting your macro-nutrient targets will also worsen or accelerate the process. The symptoms or signs of overtraining are: loss of energy ( tired for no reason ), depression like symptoms, alteration of sleep. More specific to sports: diminished performance, absence of muscular growth, loss of muscle mass( due to a build up of harmful Lactic acid in our muscles), excessive soreness and lack of total recovery.

Solution: take a week or two off all training. Within days you will notice that the muscles look fuller. Up your carbs and protein intakes a bit to stimulate recovery. Re-think your training plan to allow sufficient recovery periods and a weekly days off. Listen to your body. If you feel too tired to workout, you probably should take an extra day off.

Stay strong.

Published by Freeweight life

Throughout my entire life I struggled immensely with my weight some years i would be just about average sized enough to feel somewhat confident to be seen without a thick jumper on to hide my true size but most of the time,almost my whole life, i would be ashamed to even be seen in public but after deciding to start exercising and changing my eating habits I started to lose weight and after keeping up with my weekly exercises that take a virtually minuscule amount of time to complete, my weight problems are just problems of my past.

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